The 11 June event was an overwhelming success. Over 500 people attended together with fifteen councillors - a quarter of the Council. They saw 21 Aircraft followed by Spitfire AB910 Vb which gave a personal display within restricted airspace. We commemorated 100 years of flying at Fairlop, 70 years since RAF Station Fairlop was operational and the 90th birthday of Harold Bennett.

During the second world war over a thousand personnel were stationed at Fairlop. In the main they are forgotten, as Fairlop, designated a satellite airfield was often overshadowed by events at nearby Hornchurch designated a satellite airfield was often overshadowed by events at nearby Hornchurch and North Weald.

Nevertheless many of these personnel were killed. Some killed in action lie peacefully in a quiet corner of Barkingside Cemetery. Others, killed in action after they left Fairlop, now lie at peace in various cemeteries, from Scotland to Malta and Algeria. A few have no known grave.

The crest below shows the three types of aircraft which flew from Fairlop, The Spitfire, the Mustang and the Typhoon with a backdrop of an Oak. I make no apology to those interested in the formalities of RAF heraldry, for the crest is an acknowledgment and a dedication to all those forgotten folk who lived, fought and died at Fairlop in the name of peace.

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